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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Change on the Horizon!

Summer Sunrise over Oake Lake

I think that I’ve reached a certain point in my life, where there is just no tolerance for certain things that I used to very easily just muddle through and accept. Accept for the right payback at the moment; the dollar, the prestige, the acceptance and the conformance. I, in the past, have done what I "should" do versus what my soul longs to do.

After awhile, when my feelings of the payback changed and I become more connected with my core values, an amazing evolution took place. I became less tolerant of things and people that don’t support my direction, my journey, and this lack of tolerance manifested itself in action!

I’ve obviously had a blog post provoking incident today. There is something from the past that still lingers, not wanting to “conform” to my path. I can see change on the horizon!

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