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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Camping with the Sled Dogs

Aise's first run!

Running back to our campsite on our property on the northshore of MN.



Look who's in the tent! Copper liked it better on his pad in the tent and out of the bugs.

White Feather

Wimzi is still a big puppy!

The skies before the hail storm came in. The odd color of the sky is due to the smoke from the BWCA fires that as of yesterday, had destroyed over 100,000 acres.

The trees appeared fluorescent against the tannish smokey background.

We had only a few minutes to get the dogs in truck before the hail come down.      

After the storm a triple rainbow appeared over Lake Superior.

Two loads of firewood. Done!
Camping out at the home of friends just before our event in Grand Marais.

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