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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Husky Hike 2010

Points Unknown and Redpaw booth. Sasha demonstrates how to pull a small tire.

This husky, when hooked to the biggest tire, went on strike and headed directly for the kiddy pool filled with water and laid down!

Sasha came along with her sister Wimzi for fun and socialization.

The hike is underway!

The 2010 Adopt-A-Husky Hike took place yesterday and was well attended. This event was designed to raise money for this Siberian Husky Rescue group. Included in the hike was a silent auction with all proceeds going to helping out a husky in need. Points Unknown was one of the vendors and handed out literature on our adventures and other activities as well as free samples of Redpaw Feed. Points Unknown has been a distributor of Redpaw Feed for many years and feeds this high quality food to our dogs and is happy to be able to make it available to you.

The day started off overcast and muggy and quickly turned into an unexpected thunderstorm with booming thunder and flashes of lightning! We got soaked to the bone but still had great fun! How can you not in the company of all of those wonderful dogs?

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