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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Polka; New Line Introduction

Sweet 4 1/2 year old Polka

Phoenix being very attentive to his guest.

Polka in wheel

Leaning into the harness as a good freight dog will

Quiet and calm while at rest

Funny that the last post should be about Phoenix as he is currently hosting a visitor for the next couple of weeks. Polka is from Voyageur Outward Bound School in Ely, Minnesota. She is the beginning of a new breeding program for the school and contributes an excellent work ethic, dense coat, good structure and size(65lbs for a female is quite a good size), mild and eager-to-please temperament and leader skills. Phoenix will be the sire to a litter of pups with Polka that, if all works as planned, will whelp in early February. We at Points Unknown are also very excited about this breeding because it means an introduction of some compatible new blood to the Hedlund Husky line. We will be bringing one of the pups home on our return from our winter adventures the beginning of April.

Polka arrived last week and has been enjoying her stay. Wanting to make certain she got exercise during her visit, we have taken her out on a couple runs with the team. She has been so adaptable and once harnessed, acted as though she had been running in our team all training season. I was impressed with how she put her head down and pulled with all of her strength when getting started then settled into a nice even pace, never slacking. When stopping the team to rest, she quietly stood, leaning into her harness, waiting for the command to go. When not out running with the team, she enjoys romping free in the backyard with others in the kennel or lounging in her kennel snacking on bones.

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