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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Projects: Dog Houses

Hailey saws the 2x2s for the dog house frames.

Pieces for each house are laid out to create the individual "kit"

Using the screw gun to install the back panel of a dog house

2 Finished and a couple more in stages of completion

Hailey showing off our handy work. 6 hours of using a screw gun makes older muscles ache! Ah, to be a teenager again......

After assessing the dog house situation up at Gunflint Lodge a couple weeks ago, it was determined that we needed at least 5 more dog houses. Since our dogs are not used to living on chains but must do so for practical purposes during our winter adventures at the lodge, I wanted to make sure that they had a little piece of comfort from home. Instead of the barrels, generously stuffed with straw that they lived in last season we would make a few flat top wooden houses so they could all take turns perching on top to get a better view of the surrounding landscape. In addition to this improvement, our elders of the group, Tuki and Isis would get to live free of chains in a brand new kennel that will be installed when we return to cut some recently flagged trails in November.

The dog house project was successful and Hailey, a Points Unknown kennel helper, and I finished building 5 wooden dog houses over the weekend.

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