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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Puppy Run!

Canicross work earlier in the week

Zodiak at his first hook-up

The three 4 1/2 month old Tuloon/Bazil pups at their first hook-up

Tuloon and 8 1/2 month old Journey in lead

A short break on a hill

Once back at the truck


Oken and Zodi

Zodiak is already bigger than Tuloon!

Puppy butt shots on the trail


Being too stricken by the sinus infection, on the way into the cabin prior to the Women’s Adventure, I opted to make three trips on the snowmobile to bring each of the Tuloon/Bazil pups rather than walk them each the mile. Feeling a bit better on the way out of the cabin the following Monday, I was up for an adventure.

I put Tuloon and 8 ½ month old Journey up in lead behind a small empty sled. I then harnessed the three 4 ½ old pups. I put Zala and Oken behind the leaders and Zodiak in wheel by himself. Even though they had been harnessed and had been walking in front of me with a leash attached to the harness for a couple of weeks now, I fully expected some tangles, biting at lines and general chaos to ensue. Those pups just stood there, waiting, with tug lines tight. I pulled my quick release and tied it around my handlebars then pulled my hook. Off we went! I had planned on taking the mile out to the truck as slow as possible, fully expecting to walk and stop a lot to deal with puppy issues. There was no stopping. Those pups put their noses to the ground and pulled. Just pulled. No goofing around. What a treat!

The pups are still too young to do much more than a mile with an empty sled and older dogs in the team to help pull the load. They’ll get a few more chances this winter to run in a small team but mostly, they’ll just be puppies.

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