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Friday, May 25, 2007

Pull Training Class II

The pull training class "A" team with Bugsy in lead.

Our point position dogs, Conan and Portia

The team position dogs, Katsu and Pluto.

Stormy and Tucker, our faithful wheel dogs.

The Points Unknown Pull Training Classes came to an end last week. The last two classes are special in that all of the dogs are hooked up to a heavy four wheeled training cart and have their pulling skills tested while learning from the dogs around them. Each dog gets a chance to be in each position on the the team. Rotation in and out of lead is done frequently, as this is the most mentally stressful position for the dogs, due to the "pack of dogs" following close behind.

The herding dogs, Stormy, Tucker, Conan and Portia, seemed to really perk up once they discovered that this is what all of that tire pulling business, earlier in the class, was all about. Others, such as the Standard Poodle, Pluto, had taken each step with all fun and seriousness and seemed to enjoy even pulling the tires around. Our seasoned Siberian, Katsu, having come to a prior class, was all business as he showed the others the ropes while hooked up to the cart. Bugsy, the Collie/Husky mix was an impressive leader when returning from our short evening run. Our other seasoned sled dogs, Frankie and Lily were unable to make the final class as their owners were stranded in a broken down vehicle, while on their way to class. Hmmm, I wonder if they had thought of putting the dogs' pulling skills to work during this unfortunate turn of events?

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